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Giant MiscanthusWelcome to the Heritage Giant Miscanthus website. We offer field grown, non-genetically modified Heritage Giant Miscanthus rhizomes. Heritage rhizomes have multiple growth nodes (shoots on the roots that are ready to grow). These plants are vigorous growers and they need plenty of stored energy to sustain the rapid growth these plants are famous for.

Heritage rhizomes are shipped in a dormant state at the optimal time for spring planting; when the ground in your area is warm enough for the rhizomes to break dormancy and get off to a strong start. Note: Your soil temperature must be at 60 F, minimum at time of planting. Irrigation is recommended the first year.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product because we want you to have the best possible results. We want your project to succeed! Whether it is a specimen plant or grouping that people drive by and marvel at its size and beauty; or an attractive, fast growing naturally beautiful screen Rhizomesthat give you the privacy you desire; or the beginning of a Biofuel planting to lessen our demand on foreign oil.

Heritage Giant Miscanthus sells wholesale and retail. Our goal is to provide the best possible product for you.

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